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  • How long do I have access to my classes?

    You get life-time access! If you purchase 4 months of the Sign Polyglot challenge, you will forever be able to access these 4 classes even if you cancel.

  • Can I choose which classes I get each month?

    No, part of the fun is guessing which sign language is coming next! If you would like to choose a specific language, head over to the mini class page to purchase:

  • If I buy a year plan, do I get full access to all of InterSign's classes?

    ​Every month you will get access to a new sign language mini class (whether you opt for a yearly or monthly plan). You do not get access to all of InterSign's classes up front.

  • Can you ship the t-shirt to a country other than the USA?

    ​Sorry! At this time we can only ship t-shirts to those in the continental United States of America.

  • When do you ship my t-shirt?

    We ship your shirt at the nearing shipping date. Our shipping dates are in March, June, September, and December.

  • How do I choose the size of my t-shirt?

    After purchasing the Sign Polyglot Challenge, we will send you an email with further instructions and questions about your t-shirt size. Make sure to keep an eye on your inbox / spam folder!

  • What if I want to choose which sign language I get to learn first?

    If you have a specific sign language in mind, it may be best if you purchase the course individually. You can find our mini classes, big courses, and CEU courses here:

  • Why are the classes small?

    The Sign Polyglot Challenge is for those of us who love to learn the basics in many sign languages. The goal is to expose you to as wide a diversity of languages as possible. We agree with the World Federation of the Deaf: "Experience has shown that it is difficult to teach IS [International Sign] to anyone not knowing at least one or more national sign languages. Exposure to a number of sign languages and different signing styles is usually a better contributor to a signer's knowledge of IS than a specific IS language course."

  • If I have any other questions, who do I contact?

    Email us at [email protected]